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At the dawn of the 2000s, when the fire of the Metal Underground was capable of melting even the Siberian permafrost, in one of the remote districts of Krasnoyarsk lost in the snow, four young metalheads founded the first line-up of RUBICON, playing an epic heavy/doom metal. At the same time, in spring 2002, a 2-song cassette, Demo "Trail", was recorded, now a rarity. Numerous concerts in urban and regional venues (DEATHLOCATION, Pulsar, etc.) followed. D.), frequent line-up changes (to date, the only member of the original RUBICON line-up is the vocalist and mastermind of the band Ivan "Ian" Bulankov), experiments with the style: the introduction of elements of Power, Progressive and Industrial metal. In 2006, RUBICON played as an opening act for the famous Russian heavy-power metal band CATHARSIS during their Russian tour. In 2010, an experimental Internet single "T-800" was released, designed in the style of modern-heavy/industrial metal. In 2013-14, the band's vocalist Ivan "Ian" Bulankov, as a local promoter, organizes concerts of the bands UDO, Blaze Bayley, Paul Dianno, opening new opportunities for the development of the band "RUBICON".
In 2015, having finally formed their own original sound, the band began recording their first full-length album, which would later be called "Welcome To Wasteland". The creation and completion of the longplay took 3 years and the first album, whose style is described by the musicians themselves as Dark Heavy Metal, was released in early 2018. The release took place in May on the Russian label NARCOLEPTICA & MORE HATE prods.
In 2018, the famous Russian metal musician Dmitry Belf (IZMOROZ, ASHEN LIGHT, IMPERIAL AGE) joins the band as a bassist and producer, marking a qualitatively new turn in the band's history! With the new line-up, the team performs for the first time on the capital stage and also appears on the pages of the leading heavy metal publication - DARK CITY magazine!
To date, RUBICON has made a new line-up change with the arrival of French guitarist Bob Saliba (Galderia, Ninmah, Stonecast) and is finishing work on its new album "Demonstar". Expect some heavy stuff!







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A cyber vision of our world

The lyrics of the album "Demonstar" are varied, dealing with various subjects, but often revolve around the genres of fantasy and science fiction. For example, the lyrics of the title track "Demonstar" are inspired by the image of a threat to planet Earth from Luc Besson's excellent film "The Fifth Element". "Neon Gladiators" refers to the cyberpunk universe of "Blade Runner" and, in part, of "Tron. Legacy". The song "Snake King" is inspired by the images of pre-human proto-civilizations sung by Robert Howard, and the last song on the album "Line Of Dreams" is based on the work of the same name by the wonderful Russian science fiction writer Sergei Lukyanenko. The rest of the compositions do not echo specific works, but they are in a similar theme: from the Middle Ages ("Darkness Machine") to cyberpunk ("Robot God"). In the opinion of the band members themselves, such a theme combines perfectly with the chosen musical direction! Heavy power metal and science fiction are made for each other!